If you’ve been following the story about the riti resort in the small town of McAllen, Texas, it’s probably obvious that President Donald Trump has no plans to close it down.

He wants to keep it open.

And the administration seems to have found a way to make that happen.

According to Politico, the Trump team has decided to keep riti in the Trump Organization’s hotels and resorts, and in some cases to use it to serve as a hub for the president’s business, which will be largely open during his presidency.

Trump is reportedly willing to spend a few million on a major renovation of the ritu to be completed by 2020, and has already spent millions on the project himself, paying for renovations that include a private bath, a spa, and the addition of a private elevator.

The Trump Organization will also use the ritas profits to invest in other businesses in the area, according to Politico.

But the president is reportedly not willing to pay for those investments.

So the Trump’s team is willing to borrow money from the government to buy the rita hotel for a few hundred million dollars, according with Politico.

Trump also wants to build a new hotel on the site, which he hopes to do within a year.

The resort will still be open for business, but the rtii will close in 2019, according Politico.

The riti has a history of being in trouble, having been shut down in 2006 by Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) for failing to pay rent.

The state then sued Trump for breach of contract, and a federal judge ruled in favor of the state, ruling that the Trump brand did not have a lease on the property, so the Trump name cannot be used on it.

But in 2019 Perry said he was going to allow the rtis resort to reopen as a hotel, and he signed a contract with the Trump organization to build the new hotel.

The agreement was not approved by the federal government.

The court case has been ongoing since.

A federal judge granted a stay last year to allow Texas to re-open the ritts resort, but that stayed the closure, but Trump’s administration appealed the decision, arguing that the state had not done enough to get the ritte re-opened.

The federal judge has not yet ruled on the appeal.

This time, however, the court decided that Trump could have the ritta, which is in the city of McTinnes, Texas.

The appeals court said that Trump had no right to keep selling the r ti hotel in the state of Texas, and that he had not made the r tis decision without consulting with the county in which he owns the ritto property.

Trump’s appeal is still pending, and is scheduled to go to the full U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas next month.

Meanwhile, the president and his lawyers have reportedly filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia seeking a stay of the court’s ruling.

The president has also filed a motion asking the court to reconsider the stay, which the court granted on June 1, 2017.

This is the second time the Trump Administration has asked the court for a stay, following a case in which the government appealed the court order to block the Trump hotel from opening in 2019.

The appeal is likely to be the final one for the rtti resort, and will likely be the last one in the country to do so.