Hotel supplies divi-soria is everywhere.

The word literally means “good stuff”.

But it is so much more than that.

The Divisor brand is the latest in a long line of hotels to be selling hotel supplies, a product that has become so popular it has its own hashtag on Twitter.

Divisors is an online shop that is selling clothing, bedding and other essentials.

There are currently more than 2 million followers on the brand’s social media accounts.

“People are very excited about it,” Divisoras general manager and co-founder, Merete Fierro, said.

“A lot of the brands are trying to sell products online and we’ve been doing it for many years.”

The Divi-Sorority brand has a unique way of selling products.

“It’s not only the way that it’s selling, it’s the way they’re selling it,” Ms Fierra said.

It’s like they’re using their own brand of magic.

“A DiviSororority Twitter account uses the hashtag #Divisor_Products to sell its wares.

Photo: Twitter Divisora is the name of a small boutique chain of hotels in China.

It has been around for nearly a decade.

It was founded by Ms Fierso’s mother, who runs the business, but the company has expanded to the UK, France, the US and Canada.

Divi Sores is a collection of hand-made clothing and accessories, with products sold by the hashtag.

It is not the first hotel brand to be using the hashtag for its online sales.

Hotel supply Divisores store is the first to feature a hashtag.

Photo : Supplied “It was very exciting because we thought, ‘Why not use our own brand?”

Ms Fiestro said.

The hotel chain has been a key supplier to the likes of the likes”

I’m a fan of the brand and I’ve been a loyal customer since they started selling it a few years ago,” she said.

The hotel chain has been a key supplier to the likes of the likes

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