By: Amy B. WilliamsFox News — The hotel industry is in a bit of a tizzy about what to call a hotel supply.

The National Association of Hospitality and Guest Services is looking at the hotel industry, and the hotel trade group says that the best name it can come up with is “hospital supplies.”

But if you’re not in a hotel, or don’t know what a hotel is, or are not in the hotel supply business, you’re out of luck.

In fact, the hotel lobby association is looking to change the name of the industry, according to Fox News:The association wants the hotel supplies industry to be called the “Hotel Supply Association” and said it is also considering the possibility of changing the name from the Hospital Supply Association to the Hospital and Hospital Supply Coalition.

The hotel supply industry has been trying to get the word out about the change since the association started asking about it last month, according of the group’s press release.

But hotel owners are not the only ones who are not happy about the new name.

They are also upset that the association has started to use a word they don’t use in the industry.

Hotel owners are frustrated because it is not a part of the brand that we have in this industry,” said David Wojciechowski, owner of the Wojca Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

He added that the word “hospital” is a brand name that hotel owners use to describe the industry and not the name used by the industry itself.

Wojcieszki said it makes it harder to tell the difference between what is medical supplies and hotel supplies.

Woyciezki was one of the first to make his complaints to the association about the name change, but he said he doesn’t think he was the only one.”

And hopefully, we can come to some sort of agreement that will make sense to both parties.”