A little over two years ago, the idea of spending the night in a hotel seemed almost unthinkable.

That changed after one celebrity guest spotted me in the hotel lobby.

She told me she had a favourite hotel and I was sure it was my hotel.

But it wasn’t.

It was the first time I had ever had someone tell me they had a hotel they liked, or the first hotel they’d visited.

Shannon hotel supply chain manager Chris MacLeod is one of many celebrities who are turning to hotels for their sleep, and this year, he’s the latest to add the hotel option to his menu.

It was a dream come true for Chris Macleod, who was a regular at the Shannon hotel in 2016 and 2017.

He says there’s a lot of people who visit Shannon, but don’t go on the first night.

“We’re pretty busy in the weekdays and weekends,” he says.

“And a lot people stay in their hotels for the first couple of nights before moving to another hotel.”

Chris Macleson has seen a lot in his 20 years at the hotel.

He says people like to go to Shannon for their night out and he likes to offer a wide range of options for those looking for something unique.

The Shannon hotel is one popular option for guests.

It’s got an exclusive view of the city and a bed for three people for the nights of three nights, so it’s great for couples or single people looking for a place to relax on a night out.

Chris Macleood has also seen the hotel become popular among celebrities, as well as tourists.

In 2017, Chris MacLEods wife Kate was on the hunt for a hotel for her birthday.

She decided to head to Shannon after seeing how great the hotel was.

On her last night there, she and her husband were staying in a room next to the hotel’s bar and chatting.

Kate’s room was completely booked, and she had booked the room on the day.

But she realised her room was full by the time she got to the bar.

She had booked a room for four, but now there was only one available.

She texted Shannon, and they told her there was no room for her.

Kate texted Shannon and told them they’d check it out the next day.

They booked the next night.

That night, Kate had slept in the same room.

But the next morning, she was surprised when they came back to her room to tell her there wasn’t a room available for her and her partner.

“It’s the hotel that made me decide that night I was going to come back,” she says.

A lot of hotel guests feel they’re the best hotel, and Shannon is a favourite among them.

Hotel manager Chris, who’s known Shannon since it opened in 2016, says there are lots of reasons people visit Shannon.

They like to see a hotel that’s unique and they like the fact that they don’t have to pay to use the bar, and there’s no booking fee.

If you’re not a fan of the hotel, you can book a room at a hotel in the city, or in a town nearby.

When you do book a hotel, it’s important you get a room close to your hotel.

Chris MacLESON says there is a great variety of hotels in Sydney, from small hotels, to large hotels and hotels that are owned by the state.

We’re the only hotel chain that can provide the hotel rooms and we’re the ones that run the hotel.

“Chris says Shannon is one property that people can book the best room for, but if you’re just looking for one hotel to stay at, you’re out of luck.

At the moment, Shannon is open to book rooms through hotel websites.

There are also some private rooms available, but Chris says it’s best to book them through the hotel and not through hotels.

For those who are staying at Shannon for the day, there’s also an option to book their room in advance through the hotels website, but you’ll need to pay for it and check it all out ahead of time.

Some of the hotels offer a one night stay, but there are also private rooms that can be booked.

Chris says if you don’t feel comfortable staying in the hotels overnight, you could book a private room in a car.

You can book hotels at any time of day, or you can find your hotel on the hotel website.