New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said Thursday that the team will soon release its stock price to investors.

That means that it is expected to lose roughly $500 million for the year.

“We’re looking at the market and what the market is looking at,” Payton said on WDSU’s The WDSV Morning Show.

“I would say that we will probably release it within a couple of weeks.

And then the market will look at it.

And I think that’s a good idea.”

Payton’s comments come after the NFL announced that the league will release its annual report for the second time this year.

The report will contain the company name, CEO, stock price, year, and a number of other financial metrics.

The league has been using the report to analyze its stock and bond performance.

The NFL has been the focus of several investigations in recent years, including one involving the New Orleans police department.

The investigation was closed in December.