thailand’s Zayokan Hotel chain has been hit by a major cyberattack that has affected nearly half its business.

In a blog post, the company said the hack was affecting its supply chain.

It blamed the breach on a group of hackers who are linked to Chinese government hackers.

Zayokas supply chain has traditionally been run by its own employees.

It has its own suppliers and logistics and has no direct business relationship with hotel operators.

However, Zayoks supply chain became involved in the latest cyberattack after a customer noticed that its online store was not displaying their purchases as they were expected.

The company said it would make changes to the way its supply chains were managed.

Zeyokas chief executive, Dr Rajeev Kumar, said in a blogpost that the group was behind the breach, but the exact nature of the breach was not known at this stage.

He said the group used a “large number of compromised servers” to perform the hack.

Zoyas security team also discovered that the attackers used the same techniques used to breach other companies in a similar way, Kumar said.

The hackers were also responsible for breaching Zayo, a Thai-based travel company that has an online shopping service that allows users to buy, rent and book rooms.ZAYO CEO and founder Siti Pongrabolthul has since resigned from the company, and its shares have dropped as much as 15 per cent in the past two weeks.

A senior official at the Tourism Ministry told Reuters news agency on Wednesday that the ministry was still investigating the attack and would “respond with appropriate measures”.

The Thai government’s Tourism Department has been in touch with the Thai Tourism Board (THB), the tourism body that manages Zayoka, and the Tourism Industry Association (TEA), the industry group that represents Zayoos hotel supply.