Waco, Texas, May 25: The Waco Hotel and Casino in the state capital, Waco has reported its lowest inventory since it opened in 1884.

Waco hotel supplies, a major supplier to the hotels, were down by more than 10% on Monday, a day after a huge wildfire swept through the hotel complex.

The Waco Fire has burned more than 2,000 acres, with more than 50 people missing.

The state has been hit by multiple blazes since May 23.

The National Guard is assisting the Texas Rangers.

The hotel’s inventory of gas has fallen by more then 3,000 gallons, according to the Waco Police Department.

Gas is still being pumped into the building.

Warrant officers have taken over the operations of the hotel, according a news release from the Wacos department of public safety.

The department said it is providing all services, including fire and rescue, to the local fire department and has asked anyone who has information about the fire to call the Wacko Police Department at 972-542-7131.

The fire was under control by Monday afternoon.