The hotel lobby supply chain is a tangled web of vendors and subcontractors that includes suppliers who use the same hotel room supplies to cater to several states, including Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

But at least one Chicago hotel supplier faces a federal probe after authorities say he stole hundreds of millions of dollars from a network of vendors in Wisconsin.

John Henningsen is accused of selling hotel room linens, bedding, linens for hotels and other items from the company that supplies rooms in hotels.

The alleged theft occurred from late 2009 through mid-2015.

According to court documents, Henniesen’s business partner, Thomas Hensley, also ran a hotel lobby vendor in the Milwaukee area that was also accused of breaking into a hotel’s supply chain in 2017.

Hennesens business partner was arrested in August.

Authorities allege Hennens sold hotel linens to hotel room supply companies in Wisconsin and Illinois and used the hotel room-supply company’s supplies to sell hotel linen in the Chicago area.

Authorities say Hennins’ business partner used the company’s hotel linene for the purchase of bedding and other hotel room items.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the company was purchased by Hennons business partner in March 2017.

Hennings, a former Marine and U.S. Marine Corps reservist, also had a business partner with ties to the hotel lobby company.

Hensley has pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released from the federal prison in Quantico, Virginia, on Thursday.

He has not yet entered a plea in that case.

Hennesley was arrested on charges of wire fraud and other charges.

He is also facing two criminal charges of illegally obtaining and selling federal funds.

A spokeswoman for the U.C.L.A. law enforcement agency that is handling the investigation for the Department of Justice, which is conducting its own investigation, declined to comment.

Hoeningses attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.