How to get the hottest hotel supply for cheap

The best hotel supply prices are often available online and the cheapest are usually far out of reach.However, the best hotel supplies for hotels, bars and resorts around the world can be purchased online for less than what you’d pay for them at the hotel store.Below we’ll explore the best hotels supply for your home, […]

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The Latest: Western Hotels Supply Chains to Sell in 2018

AUSTRALIA’S most popular hotel chain is poised to shed nearly all its U.S. staff as it struggles to compete with the arrival of more profitable foreign competition and a new wave of domestic demand for the hospitality industry.The Australian Hotel and Lodging Association said Monday it would reduce its staff from about 1,400 to 1,150 […]

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How to save money on hotels in the UK

UK hotels are selling cheap, but not at the same time.The discount hotels are more likely to have a more attractive value, and they may be better value for money, according to a study.The study, which involved comparing prices at discount hotels in 20 UK cities, found that, compared to a similar hotel at a […]

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How to get the best organic hotel supplies in New Zealand

Hotel supply chain supplier Marriott Hotels has been criticised for misleading shoppers by claiming they can “live the ‘natural’ lifestyle” of their home.Photo: Supplied Marriott Hotel has been accused of misleading shoppers about how organic hotels can provide them with better organic hotels and has been forced to remove its marketing materials.The online retailer has […]

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Aveda Hotel Supplies 10K to US Ambassadors

The hotel supplies 10K of supplies to US diplomats.Aveda CEO Patrick O’Malley told the Financial Times that the company was prepared to deliver supplies to every US diplomatic outpost in the world by 2020.The hotel also provides free internet and other support services for diplomats, O’Laland said.Abedin also pledged $250 million to US government agencies […]

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