On Sunday, the Seahawks will have their bye week after playing the New England Patriots in Week 1 and will have to go through the season without Russell Wilson.

Wilson will be suspended for the first six games of the season for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Wilson has been under a microscope ever since the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last season, and it appears the Seahawks may have found a way to keep him under wraps.

The Seahawks signed quarterback Russell Wilson to a six-year contract extension this week.

Here are five things we learned from Wilson’s signing:1.

Wilson’s agent, Paul Tagliabue, told reporters during the press conference before Wilson signed that he hoped Wilson would be healthy this season.

Tagliadabue didn’t mention the concussion issue, but it’s a possibility.

He said Wilson has “done all the things necessary” to be able to play this season, adding that Wilson has performed well with his conditioning and recovery.

The issue of Wilson’s concussion has been an issue for a while, but there have been a few signs that Wilson is being treated properly.

Wilson played through the concussion in Week 3 of the 2014 season, but he missed the entire final game of that season and did not play in the Super Cup after the concussion.

This year, Wilson is eligible to return to action when he completes his rehab program, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks.2.

Wilson is still in the early stages of his rehab.

Tagriabue said Wilson will continue to get treatment for his head injury and will not return to the field until his recovery is complete.

The team said that it expects Wilson to return for the preseason and the regular season.

“I know Russell is doing a great job with his rehab and is doing it well,” Tagliacabue told reporters.

“It’s not over yet, but I think he’ll be ready for training camp.

He’s been through it in his own life. “

We know it’s going to be an adjustment for him.

He’s been through it in his own life.

But I think his rehab is really going well and I’m confident that he’ll do everything we can for him to be ready to play when we’re ready to go.”3.

Wilson wants to be back.

Tagabue added that Wilson feels good and feels like he’s playing better than he did last year.

Tagliabo also noted that Wilson and the Seahawks are “getting a lot of calls” from other teams who want to add to their training camp roster.””

I think he feels better physically, and I think the recovery process for him has been going really well.”

Tagliabo also noted that Wilson and the Seahawks are “getting a lot of calls” from other teams who want to add to their training camp roster.

“He is a really good player.

I’ve always said this, but when you’re a pro athlete, you just want to get the ball and go out there and win a championship,” Tagabu said.

“Russell is a competitor.

He is a team guy.

And I think we are all excited about where we are going.”4.

Seattle has signed two new veteran defensive linemen.

The Seahawks signed defensive tackle Darryl Tapp to a four-year deal this week and drafted defensive end Brandon Mebane in the second round of the NFL Draft.

The two additions were notable because they are the first players signed by new coach Pete Carroll to a new defensive line since John Moffitt in 2000.

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