The price of the hotel accommodation is going up, and the hotel supplies you’re spending on your trip to your destination are going up as well.

The cost of a hotel room is going down, but how much is going to increase in the next few years?

The Victoria Tourism Commission’s annual hotel supply survey released on Tuesday showed the average cost of one room, including a breakfast bar and room service, was up $1,632 in the past year.

But that doesn’t mean the average hotel accommodation will have to be more expensive.

In fact, the survey found that there were no significant increases in average room prices.

The Victoria Hotel Association, the association representing Victoria hotels, says the average room price of hotels has gone up over the past five years, but the hotel industry has been working hard to keep costs down and ensure they don’t increase in future.

“We’ve seen the demand for accommodation and services to be the same in both 2017 and 2018, and that means we’ve seen a reduction in the cost of accommodation,” said Simon Rennie, vice-president of communications for the Victoria Hotel and Conference Association.

“That’s been our mantra throughout this process, and as a result, there’s been no change to the prices of our accommodation, so we think the average price of a room is actually lower than it was in 2017.”

But while room prices are going down in the short term, they’re likely to go up in the long term.

The average price for a hotel accommodation room is currently $1.6 million.

This is down $400,000 from the previous year, but is up $500,000 since the last survey.

That’s because the increase in costs is largely due to the cost increase in hotels over the last decade.

“It’s been a pretty good year for hotel accommodation in terms of hotel supply,” said Renni.

“I think in the longer term, the hotel supply will continue to rise, because the demand is always going to be there.”

The survey also showed there was no significant change in the average costs of room services, such as cleaning, laundry and toiletries, compared to the previous survey.

But some rooms were more expensive than others.

The average price rose $1 per room service compared to $1 in the previous poll.

Rennie said the average rooms cost had been relatively stable for a while.

“Our cost of living survey shows we’ve been paying for hotels at a very reasonable rate,” he said.

“For hotels, you can buy a room for $1 or $2, so that’s really the point we’re trying to make in our marketing campaign is that the average person, regardless of where they are in the world, will be able to get the same rate of hotel accommodation.”

Hotel supply survey in full