UK hotels are selling cheap, but not at the same time.

The discount hotels are more likely to have a more attractive value, and they may be better value for money, according to a study.

The study, which involved comparing prices at discount hotels in 20 UK cities, found that, compared to a similar hotel at a comparable hotel price, the discount hotel was more likely: to be a bigger or larger property, or to have an added amenity such as an outdoor pool or sauna, or better quality rooms, and/or to have more room for other items.

The hotel also may be more comfortable.

The study also found that the discount hotels were more likely, when compared to other hotels, to have “a lower average room rate”.

The study also said that the discounted hotel was less likely to be available in the same location for the same price, and that there was less of an incentive to use the discount, compared with a similar or larger hotel.

The study was carried out by a UK company, Fairfair, and published in January 2017.

A Fairfair spokesman told BBC News: “Fairfair’s findings are consistent with the results of a similar study by other companies.”

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