Guests staying at a guest hotel can have an increased risk of contracting a potentially deadly viral coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed this week that two of its experts have been infected while working at a hotel in Texas.

One of the experts was working at the Holiday Inn Express in Houston, where the hotel has received more than 3,000 new coronaviruses since the start of the pandemic, according to the hotel’s chief medical officer.

The second guest is from the city of Fort Worth and is staying at the Grand Hyatt, a luxury hotel in downtown Fort Worth, which has received thousands of new coronivirus cases.

The two have been working at different locations in the hotel and are not related, said hotel spokeswoman Amy Ochs.

The CDC is urging people to avoid the hotels where they are staying, which include the Grand Marais in Washington, D.C., and the Grand Lake Hotel in New York City.

They can also contact their health care provider for information on how to protect themselves from coronaviremia.

If you’re having trouble staying safe at a major hotel, the CDC suggests getting a doctor’s referral.

The agency recommends the doctor check the hotel room for infectious material, which could indicate a viral infection.

It also recommends that people with a history of high fever or sore throat stay home and wait until they get symptoms to get tested.

The CDC said that if you do not have symptoms, you should not stay in the room.

You can also ask the hotel to change your room assignment and get an appointment with your doctor to have a physical.

The hospital should also provide you with a hotel voucher that you can use to stay in a hotel, Ochsch said.

If the hotel refuses, you can contact your doctor or health insurance company.