Hotel supply chain supplier Marriott Hotels has been criticised for misleading shoppers by claiming they can “live the ‘natural’ lifestyle” of their home.

Photo: Supplied Marriott Hotel has been accused of misleading shoppers about how organic hotels can provide them with better organic hotels and has been forced to remove its marketing materials.

The online retailer has been under fire from consumer groups after it was forced to pull the marketing materials and apologise for “stereotypical” marketing materials that included a picture of a man eating a carrot on the cover of its “organic hotels”.

The hotel chain’s marketing materials for its “natural” hotels include a picture with a carrot, a carrot and a man with a fork.

“As a hotel, Marriott is committed to providing our guests with quality, affordable organic hotel accommodations, which are sustainable, locally sourced and made with the highest quality ingredients,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“While we continue to make changes and take steps to improve our organic hotel offerings, we take this issue seriously and are committed to making this right for our guests.”

The spokesperson went on to explain that “our organic hotels are not just the result of a high quality product but also of a commitment to environmental stewardship, as well as our commitment to organic ingredients”.

The company had also been criticised earlier this year for “pandering” to a woman who claimed to have visited a Marriott hotel in China and that it was her “favorite hotel in New York”.

A spokeswoman for Marriott HotELS said the “reservation” for the image of the man eating the carrot “was made by the hotel’s supplier, and does not reflect the view of the supplier or its customers”.

The spokesperson also said the hotel was “fully transparent” about its “cleanliness” standards and “what it is doing to clean up”.

A spokesperson for Marriott said that it had “no reason to doubt the authenticity of the photos” of the “organic hotel” on the hotel retailer’s website.

“We believe our hotel is 100 per cent organic, but we also want to make sure that our guests are comfortable in our hotel with its cleanliness and environmental sustainability,” the spokesperson said.

Marriott HotEL also removed the promotional materials from the hotel brand website.

Photo by Marielle Clements The company said that the “promotion of this image does not represent the views of Marriott HotLadies, its suppliers or our guests”.

“In response to the concerns, we have removed this image from our website and are working with our supplier to review our supply chain to ensure that it is appropriate for our customers.”

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It was launched in March 2018.

A spokesperson said the company had been “fully transparency” about the “cleanness” standards.

“In addition to our standard customer service and ethical sourcing practices, we are constantly seeking ways to improve the environmental stewardsing of our supply chains,” the company said.

“For example, we launched a pilot program to buy and clean our hotels’ water supply, and our suppliers are working closely with us to ensure our supply is not damaging the water quality of our customers’ properties.”

Marriott hotels are also part of the Hotel Association of New Zealand.

It has been contacted for comment.