A hotel towel supplier in New York is offering a discount to the international hotel industry.

Airlines and hotels are getting used to a trend toward the supply of towels for their guests.

And while many international hotels don’t use towels, some use towels that are much cleaner than others.

And now there’s a chance to buy the cleaner towels.IKEA, which makes towels for the European market, has launched a discount for hotel towel suppliers.

IKEA says the deal includes towels from brands like TidyLotion, and will be on sale starting next week.

The deal is similar to the one IKEa has with Amazon.com, which will be offered at a reduced price of $9.99 for towels made by Amazon.

The offer comes a day after Amazon.ca launched a similar discount on towels.

The offer is not limited to towels.

The company has previously offered a similar offer on towels, which was offered for a limited time, and is now available on Amazon.

It will run through February 25.

The company has also said it will also offer towels from other brands in the future.

Ikea says the towels it offers are made from recycled plastic and are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The towels are packaged in a convenient container, and are available for a 30-day supply.