The price of a hotel room can be a big deal.

And it can be expensive.

With the rise of new technology, however, a hotel can be as cheap as a single night at the local park, according to a new report from the International Association of Travel Agents.

The report estimates that the average cost of a standard hotel room is about $1,100.

However, if the hotel is a brand new one, or if it is part of a brand-new hotel, the average price drops to less than a quarter of that.

That means, for instance, a single-night stay at a hotel in Sydney can be just $800.

But if the guest stays for two nights and the first night is in a brand brand- new hotel, that same guest will end up paying about $2,000, or $4,000 if he or she stays two nights in a new hotel.

While the exact cost is difficult to measure because it is dependent on a hostel’s size, the report suggests that the minimum wage and tax incentives for guest accommodation are worth it for some guests.

So what’s the catch?

The report notes that the cost of renting a hotel for a single day can be quite high.

The IATA recommends that hotels consider the following: First-time guests should book ahead to get the best deal on rooms, as they can expect to pay more than one night’s stay for each hotel room.

The best rate is usually offered for a first-time booking at around $1.50 a night, but if you are looking for a hotel that has been booked on multiple days, you can expect the hotel to charge you between $5 and $10 a night.