Waco, Texas — There are a lot of places to get supplies and a lot more places to stay at the Waco Hilton Hotel and Casino, which opened in 2009.

For guests, it’s the ideal place to go when the hotel has been closed since the devastating flooding of the Great American Flood in 2011.

But that has made some residents anxious.

There are now three hotel rooms that are open.

And as guests have come and gone, hotel management has been trying to close them down.

It’s a common refrain, one that many Waco residents and others on the city council say is the real reason the hotel is closed.

Many of the rooms have been converted to hotel suites.

Guests have also been moved out of hotels, some of which were already closed when the Great Flood hit, because of the high cost of living in the city.

The Waco Police Department is working to reopen some of the hotels and the city says it is aware of at least one person who has been found dead in a hotel room.

“The Waco city government is working on finding a way to keep some of our hotel rooms open, which will allow our guests to continue to enjoy the amenities and amenities of the hotel,” Waco Mayor Paul Dominguez said in a statement.

The city also said it has reached out to several hotel owners who want to reopen their hotels.

Waco is located on the banks of the Arkansas River.

There have been a few recent floods that flooded the hotel, but they weren’t as bad as the flood that devastated the city a year ago.

WACO — Waco police chief Greg Foye said the city has not had any new flood threats since the flooding.

“I’m not sure we have been able to identify a particular flood that has been significant,” Foyet said.

“It was a period of about a week and a half or two weeks of rainfall.”

He said a lot has changed since the Great River flooded the city and a new threat is emerging that may be a threat to the hotel.

“What we have seen in the last week or so is a surge in the water and we’re getting reports of boats coming up the river,” Froye said.

WACA — A woman is dead after she was found drowned in a room at a Waco motel, the WACA reported.

The incident happened at the hotel in the 1900 block of South Park Street.

Authorities say the woman, identified by police as 52-year-old Sharon Gannon, was discovered dead in the room.

The Associated Press is not naming the woman due to her age.

WCCO reported that the WCCOs investigation determined that the victim was not a victim of an active crime scene.

WCAI — WCCOA reports that the suspect in a fatal shooting on Sunday at a downtown Waco shopping mall is a 23-year old man.

The shooting happened just after 3 p.m. at the CVS Pharmacy on East Main Street.

Police say the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the torso and died at the scene.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

A Waco man who was arrested after a deadly shooting in Waco on Sunday is a suspect in the death of a local man.

WBCO reported the WBCOs investigation concluded that the shooting victim, identified as 27-year -old Brian C. Jones, was shot by another man during a confrontation at the shopping center.

WCCC — The WCCC is reporting a person shot and killed in Wackenhut at about 3:30 p.d.

WECO — The CCSO is reporting an accidental shooting near a Walmart in the 900 block of West Wackeneth Drive.

WEEI — The CBS 6 Waco affiliate reported that two people were shot while driving to their local Waco hospital on Sunday night.

The report said that the two victims were in a vehicle traveling eastbound on the westbound side of the freeway and were struck by a vehicle that fled.

The two victims, ages 21 and 26, were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

A witness said that he was driving to his home at the time and that he saw a man driving a vehicle with the license plate “JEFFERY.”

WCAU — The Associated News reported that a man who police say is believed to be involved in a shooting in the Wackeningeth area has been arrested.

The AP is not identifying the man because of his age.

The man, who police identified as 26-year –old James C. Anderson, was charged with attempted murder and attempted robbery in connection with the incident, the AP reported.

WFLA — The ABC affiliate in Wampa reported that police were searching for a man in the 300 block of Southwest Grand Avenue.

WTF — WTF was reporting that a police officer was shot and wounded in Waffle Creek.

Police said that officers were dispatched to the 800 block of North Grand Avenue in Wauwatosa at about 4 p.f