Shannon Hotel Supply, which is based in Jordan, has become an online hub for supplies to help make your stay more comfortable.

The website sells products like towels, shampoo and soaps to help reduce your stress.

Shannon has also added hotel pantry supplies, which include soap, shampoo, shampoo bar, soap and body wash, and has a hotel kitchen sink.

“We have been sourcing from Jordan for quite a while now and it’s really a new thing for us.

There are so many different things that Jordan is doing, so we have been very much trying to find a product that would fit the bill,” Shannon executive director, Samira Al-Ghamdi, told The Washington Post.

Shannon also sells online and through its own store in Jordan.

For example, a hotel laundry detergent, which was featured in a recent episode of the television series, The West Wing, is sold in Jordan and online.

Shuttles are also available through the website.

Al-Ghamdi said she doesn’t have any specific plans to open a hotel in Jordan in the near future.

“But we are hoping to be here for the long haul,” she said.

“Jordan is a great place to be, it’s a really friendly and supportive country and it has a lot of support systems.”

Shannon Hotel supply is a relatively new venture, and Al-Badi said it will be a challenge to keep it up and running.

Al Ghamdi hopes that the company will grow over time and bring more products to the market.

“I think the market is huge and Jordan has such an amazing reputation,” she told The Post.

“The idea that people are actually trying to buy products online from Jordan, I think that’s really exciting for the company.”