The Universal Hotel Supply Co (UHS), one of Ireland’s largest supply chains, says it is launching a range of hotel accommodation options to help it compete in Dublin.

It has announced the launch of a new suite, hotel suite and suite suite suite options, priced at €300, €400, €500 and €1,000.

It also says it will offer hotel rooms on a “multi-floor” basis for a price of €1 million.UHS said the hotel suite suite is the first of its type to be available to Dublin residents and the first hotel suite to be priced at an “intermediate” level.UDS president Mike Fogg said the new options are designed to allow people to “make better decisions”.

“The suite suite comes with the luxury of a multi-floor accommodation that is also more accessible and offers more space,” he said.

“The hotel suite is a suite, it is a double bed and the room itself is just as luxurious.”

It is the ultimate in value for money.”UDS has had a lot of success with the hotel suites and the suites are a great way for people to start a family, get together for a weekend or a family weekend and really have a private space that can be used as their home.”

We want to continue to bring the hotel rooms to more people.”UHS has already introduced two hotels suites, one for €1.3 million and another for €2.3.

The new options include a hotel suite with double bed, two balconies, three balconies with an ensuite, two separate shower rooms, a shared toilet and private balcony access.

A hotel suite comes in two varieties, with the standard suite suite and a luxury suite suite.

The standard suite comes standard with a double bunk bed, private bath, kitchen, kitchenette, bathroom, sofa and a double vanity.

The luxury suite comes complete with a king-sized bed, a private bath with double vanity, two private bathrooms with double tubs, two shower rooms with double showerheads and a separate shower with a toilet and showerhead.”

If you look at the standard hotel suite, there are a lot more amenities, but if you look closely you will notice the standard suites have a more luxurious feel to them,” he added.”

So when you compare it to the luxury suites, it has a slightly different feel.

“You will find a lot less room, a lot fewer amenities, a more private feel and a better value.”

He said UHS is looking at offering a suite suite for €3.3 to €4 million, with a range to be announced later this year.UOS will also introduce a suite for a further €3 million to €5 million, which it said will include “all the bells and whistles of a hotel and a more spacious and private space”.

“Our suite suites are designed specifically to suit the needs of the unique lifestyle of the modern day traveller,” Mr Fogg added.

“These suites are the ultimate luxury package, offering an exceptional value for people.”

Hotel suites will be available from August and UDS said it is working to make them available for the summer.

“Dublin has a large and diverse population, with more than 10 million people,” Mr Farrell said.

“We know that people want to be able to experience the city as they want, and they want to enjoy the amenities that Dublin offers.”

“They also want to have a good experience in the hotel and we know that the UHS hotel suite offers that for Dubliners.”

There is a lot that the hotel can offer and we are looking to provide the perfect suite for the modern Dubliner.”UDS will also provide a suite with its new hotel suite for an additional €1 to €2 million.

A UOS spokesperson said the company has “a long history of delivering the highest-quality hotel and accommodation solutions” to Dubliners and its suite suite will provide “the most luxurious accommodation available”.”

As well as the suite suite, the company also offers an exceptional suite suite,” the spokesperson said.