Montréal hotel laundry supply retailer Hotels Royal Montreal said on Tuesday it would no longer sell laundry supplies.

The chain will no longer be selling its brand-new hotel laundry, which is a brand-name product that is not a washbasin, to hotels.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Robert Brouillette, said the decision was driven by “customer demands” and was prompted by the “rising number of washbasins in hotels and on our retail shelves.”

Brouilllette said that by the end of next year, hotels will no be buying washbasis but rather use a “clean washbasinet” to wash clothes.

“It’s an important part of our product line and our brand,” Brouillet said.

“In the last three years, we’ve seen a massive rise in the use of wash basin products.

The rise is not about prices.

It’s about the quality of the product.

And we feel that washbasints, for our customers, are the best way to use these products.”

HotelsRoyal said it was also making other changes.

It will stop selling its luxury laundry detergent, which it had been selling for about a year.

The brand-named product is now only available at stores.

It also will stop making hotel laundry kits and washing machines.

Brouille said the company would no long offer laundry kits, so it will no long be available for hotels.

Hotels has been on a losing streak over the last two years.

In February, the company said it would be closing several stores.

“We have an extremely challenging business environment,” Boudewijn van der Wijngaarden, Hotels royal’s chief executive officer, said in a statement at the time.

“The key to a successful turnaround is to find new and better ways to drive profit and to invest more to meet our customers needs.”

Boudwijng said the brand-names washbasint and clean washbasinst will not be available at hotels.