AUSTRALIA has become a destination for hotels that use hotel supply warehouses to store equipment and supplies.

The move has led to increased demand for hotel supply equipment, with a survey by hotel industry group A-Level Research showing Australia is the third most expensive destination in the world for hotel equipment.

The demand for hotels equipment has soared since the end of the financial crisis, as supply warehouses have become a popular way to store the vast quantities of hotel equipment needed by hoteliers.

Hotel supply warehouses are not new to Australia, but in 2016, Australia’s National Audit Office reported they had been used to store hotel equipment for more than 100 years.

But it is only in recent years that hotels have begun using them for more complex, high-volume production.

“Hotel equipment is an extremely complex system, it takes a lot of time to get right and it takes time to do it right,” hotel supply manager at the A-level Research survey, Ben McLean, told

“It’s very difficult to do the right job and we don’t want to do any work that’s going to slow down production.”

The study found that hotels were using a mix of hardware and software, including software from hotels, which allows them to create new hotel rooms, upgrade existing rooms, create new rooms, and modify existing rooms.

McLean said hotel supply managers were not just trying to keep up with the demand for the equipment, they were also using it to manage the logistics of the supply chain.

“In the end you’re just making it happen on your own, it’s not going to be a big system,” he said.

“We’re not going into the hotel supply supply chain to make it happen for you.

It’s about doing it on your behalf.”

He said the warehouse systems had become a way for hotels to increase production in the last decade, even if they did not need the hardware themselves.

Mclean said hotels would continue to rely on suppliers such as Dell to provide equipment for the warehouse.

The system is also increasingly being used by retailers, who will store inventory in warehouses.

“Retailers are starting to use it to store their inventory, it could be items from their own stores, from a third-party vendor, they’re just starting to start using it more, and it’s been growing,” he added.AAP/ABC