Supply shortages are the latest sign that hotel demand is growing, forcing the industry to find new ways to increase revenues.

Hotel demand is a big reason why hotel supply is expected to grow, according to the Association of American Brokers, a research firm.

Hotels are also driving up prices for other items, from kitchenware and furniture to appliances, according in a recent research report.

That includes items like mattresses and mattresses for apartments, as well as beds, said John Kull, president of Kull & Miller, a hotel consulting firm.

“This has a lot to do with demand,” said John C. Kull Jr., chief executive of Kurnia Capital Group.

“There’s a lot of people who want a hotel bed.”

Kurnia said demand has been rising steadily for two years.

But supply has been declining, and the company’s average hotel bed inventory is now just 1.5 percent of its original target.

That has made it difficult for hotels to meet demand.

Kurnias demand for beds in the last two years has averaged 1.2 percent of total sales.

Demand for beds also has dropped since the recession.

But that hasn’t kept hotel stocks from rising and keeping prices artificially high.

The average hotel room price rose 2.2% in the first nine months of this year, according the Association for Resorts &amp.

Casinos also were in the red, according a recent report from the hotel industry’s trade association.

Hoteland stock has jumped 11.7% since mid-December.

The stock index is up about 2% a year for most of the past decade.

The increase in demand has also pushed up the price of some other types of items.

Some hotels are selling mattresses at a discount.

They’re also selling kitchenware at a markup, said Kurniac.

HotELs have been selling more of their own appliances and equipment, too, though they still have a long way to go.

A recent report by the hotel lobby group, the American Hotel and Lodging Association, found that most of those improvements have been made to newer hotels.