Hotel supplies are becoming increasingly important to the tech sector as companies look to keep up with growing demand.

The company, the hotel chain, has seen the rise of hotel guests wanting to stay longer than planned.

The rise in the number of guests visiting rooms has led hotel chains to look for ways to get their hands on more equipment and accessories, said Josh Henson, executive director of the Hotel Equipment Supply Association of Canada (HESCA).

“The trend is going to continue, it’s just that we’re seeing it more and more with the increased availability of these items.

It’s becoming more of a necessity.”

Hotel equipment is essential for many of the companies in the hospitality industry.

Many hotel chains rely on it to keep guests entertained during long periods of time, such as conferences or holidays.

But the demand for hotel equipment has increased with the advent of technology and the increase in the popularity of digital media.

Henson said there are a number of reasons for the increase.

The availability of cheap electronics and the increased use of social media has led to increased demand for more hotel equipment, he said.

Hotel owners are also finding it easier to find hotels that are equipped with these products.

For example, the technology of smartphones and tablets allows for the delivery of the type of items and supplies that are needed for a particular guest, he added.

“The demand is definitely there for these items, it just isn’t as readily available for the hotel operators.

That’s something that we see happening now,” Henson told CBC News.

Henson said some hotel chains have decided to offer discounts to their guests to ensure they can get the products that they need to stay in the hotel and make it through the night.

In some cases, he noted, hotel guests have even been charged for items that they can’t purchase for themselves.

“Some of the hotels are really struggling right now,” he said, “they are being asked to sell the things that are no longer available for their guests.”

Henson also said the increased demand is affecting the supply of equipment.

For instance, the demand has driven up the prices of some hotel equipment and the hotel chains are finding it difficult to keep their supplies up to date.

Hensons goal is to get the supply chain of the industry to focus on the needs of guests and not just the needs to make money.

He said he hopes the trend will continue.

“We’re still working to see what the future holds,” he added, “and we’re hopeful that we’ll see a change, and a lot more of the supply being focused on the demand side.”