Hotels in India and the US are preparing to help India’s new government and its allies with supplies of food, medicines and other essential goods in the wake of deadly attacks by militants in India’s northeastern states, the hotel industry said on Thursday.

The Indian government has imposed a curfew in the disputed Kashmir region since August, with residents being barred from entering the capital New Delhi and other cities.

Security forces have been using helicopters and armored vehicles to hunt down militants.

Indian officials say they have captured more than 500 militants, who were thought to be holed up in two villages near the disputed territory.

They are believed to be in a building in the Kargil area, about 500 kilometres (310 miles) south of the Indian capital, and that they were holding up roads and bridges leading to the Indian side of the border.

The hotels in the US, where they are being stocked, have been operating as usual.

The industry said it was working closely with the government in India, and it was hopeful that India would be able to supply hotels with necessary supplies in the coming days.

Hotel owners are being told to contact the Indian embassy in Washington to register the necessary approvals, the industry said in a statement.

India and the United States are on the same side of a border that was once part of India, but has become a contested one in recent years.

The disputed territory, claimed by both India and Pakistan, is the latest frontier to see clashes between Indian and Pakistani troops.

India says its armed forces are in control of the region.

Pakistan denies the allegation and accuses India of waging a war against its territory.