Hotel mattress supply chain Comfort Hotel will open its first Sydney location in the Westfield Hotel, a project to expand on its current location in Sydney’s CBD.

The project, which will open in the spring of 2018, is part of a global expansion of Comfort Hotel.

The Westfield project is one of the largest hotel projects in the world.

As part of the Westfields expansion, Comfort Hotel is also moving to a new 24-hour service.

The new 24 hour service will see a shift from a standard seven-day week to a standard three-day schedule, as well as a four-day option.

It will provide guests with the convenience of a hotel bed and the convenience and security of a suite, as it can be checked in at a hotel’s bedside.

It also means guests can go on a date with friends, which is a big change for the industry.

It’s a change that’s been made on purpose, said Comfort Hotel co-founder, Alex Jones.

The move to a 24-h day, he said, was an intentional choice to offer the best service to its guests.

Comfort Hotel has been in the Sydney CBD for almost a year now, with its first Melbourne and Sydney locations planned to be up and running by the end of 2018.

The company is also currently in talks with a number of other hotels to expand their Sydney locations.

The expansion will be a boon for hotel industry and will be something to look forward to.

With a 24 hour hotel service, guests will have more choice in the comfort of a bed, said Jones.

Comfort has been a leader in hotel mattress supply since 2009.

It has over 300 beds and has become a supplier of beds for many of the world’s top hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental, the Mandarin, Hilton Sydney and other major properties.