A new hotel cleaning product is being developed to help clean up hotel rooms and bathrooms after an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Hotel cleaning products are being developed in Australia and the UK to help the public keep their rooms clean.

The products include disinfectant wipes and soap bars.

The products will be sold online through a company called Lush, and will be available for purchase at hotel cleaning supply stores and online through Lush.

The Australian company, Lush Holdings, is set to launch the products in Australia on Friday.

The Lush wipes and sanitiser bars will be used to clean hotels rooms in Australia, and have a shelf life of up to four months.

The product will be made in Australia by the company, and it has been approved for use in Australia.

“The LUSH brand is a leader in the cleaning sector, having established itself as one of the leading suppliers of hotel cleaning products in the UK, and recently opening a partnership with the hotel industry in Australia,” Lush Chief Executive Officer and co-founder David Jagger said in a statement.

“We are excited to bring Lush to Australia, as it provides a unique and innovative solution to the challenge of keeping rooms clean and secure.”

The Lushes wipes and bar will be manufactured in a factory in the US and will then be sold in Australia through the Lush website.

Lush Holdings has also been working with Australian and international hotel industry partners to develop and commercialise the LUSH products.

More than a million people have been infected with coronaviruses since March, and as of today more than half of the world’s coronaviral cases have been in the Americas.

Australia is also in the midst of a coronavid pandemic that is expected to last for several more months.

For more on the coronovirus, check out the ABC’s coronavexchange page and the ABC News.