Divisiva, the hotel supply provider that has been acquired by the tech giant Cisco, is getting paid by a tech company for creating content, the New York Times reports.

This is the latest in a series of deals in which technology companies have agreed to pay their employees for content and other services.

In addition to paying its employees, Cisco has agreed to provide financial incentives to Divisia employees.

The company will also be paid for “creating” and “delivering” Divisias content, according to a statement from Cisco.

Divisiya said in a statement that the terms of this arrangement are confidential and will not be made public.

“The terms of the arrangement do not reflect any financial compensation for Divisya or its employees,” the company said.

In July, Divisiah agreed to buy a $200 million stake in CSC, a hotel-supply company that it bought in October 2015.

The deal included $60 million of stock.

In December, Divisions new CEO Michael DeGraffenreid was appointed as CMO.

“In addition to providing us with new talent, we will continue to provide our customers with exceptional products and services,” he said in an email to the company’s employees.

“We believe in a strong and innovative relationship with Cisco, and we’re excited to build on that relationship.”